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 Gathering Goodness

Faith, Family, Friends & Horses in Appleridge, Book 1 

Trusting Truth

Faith, Family, Friends & Horses in Appleridge, Book 2

Finding Fare

Faith, Family, Friends & Horses in Appleridge, Book 3

Thank You, God, for Everything...

Especially Horses

Gathering Goodness

Faith, Family, Friends & Horses

in Appleridge, Book 1

Jennie McKenzie sells her horse, Mint Julep, and begins a new life as a college student in Chicago. Does she want to follow her dream of living in the city or acknowledge the horse–shaped hole in her heart. Two veterinarians conspire to find the truth about a horse reported dead under strange circumstances. Jennie’s Dear Equestrian letters, humorously written from horses to their owners, become a popular magazine feature.

Join Jennie as she meets life’s challenges with determination and joy. Gathering Goodness is a story of friends, family, and being thankful for everything.

There's a lot happening in Appleridge. Come for a little visit, grabbed a glass of ice tea, find a comfy chair on the front porch, and get cozy!

Trusting Truth

Faith, Family, Friends & Horses

in Appleridge, Book 2

Lainie Anderson is looking for happiness in all the wrong places, but she doesn’t know any right places. Jennie McKenzie, a reporter for the Farm & Family Country Chronicle, uses her investigating skills to help friends. 

Jennie’s grandpa enjoys conducting business at the Bake and Shake, a local bakery. Could there possibly be a moose on the streets of Appleridge? Megan learns a lesson about being truthful, as her dad and local vet, Dr. Adrian Peterson, fights an addiction to cookies. The Annual Apple Festival draws a huge crowd with Marcy’s prancing ponies voted the parade favorites. A community gathers in support of a new teacher, and an estranged mother and daughter learn about grace, friendship, and fighting for the truth.

There’s a lot happening in Appleridge. Come for a little visit, kick off your boots, grab a quilt, and get cozy! 


Literary Corral Selection

Equus Film Festival

Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Finding Fare

Faith, Family, Friends & Horses

in Appleridge, Book 3

A bay Morgan horse named My Fare Thee Well—a kind soul with soft brown eyes—brings a few changes to Appleridge, and, especially to Trina Shaw’s very private existence. Trina leans on her friends, as she walks down a path of reconciliation and forgiveness. Barton Shaw is a changed man carrying a heavy load. With the support of her family, a young Amish widow honors her husband's memory, and local veterinarian, Dr. Adrian Peterson, shares a few touching words with teenage son. The farm gang rally around Cassy Morton and Megan Peterson when a domineering boyfriend threatens their friendship. Horsemanship instructor, Lainie Anderson, leads her team of young riders as they become an Appleridge entertainment favorite.

There's a lot happening in Appleridge! Grab a comfy chair, snuggle with a quilt, and get cozy!

Kasey's Kindness

Faith, Family, Friends & Horses, Book 4

Linda is currently writing the next book in the Faith, Family, Friends & Horses Series!

Stay tuned!

Thank You, God, for Everything...Especially Horses

The author shares personal stories about horses teaching thankfulness, being appropriate, letting go of our ego, learning to trust...and much more.


Literary Corner Selection

Equus Film Festival